Active-Semi Solutions for Sustainability
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Active Semi’s Configurable innovative Power?Solutions

The ActiveCiPS??line of products allows system designers to change the power up and down sequencing, output voltages, current limits and many more parameters by using the IC’s proprietary multiple-time programmable logic to meet changing requirements during product development without the need for changing the PCB layout. It also enables the reuse of the same power management solution in follow-on designs with different voltage and sequencing requirements.

五分快三计划A new approach to enable system designers faster time to market and flexibility for multiple platforms. ActiveCiPS? is not limited to Power Management ICs often referred to as PMICs that include charging and DC/DC configurability, but also an innovative approach to Power Loss Protection, Battery Management and single channel devices.

ActiveCiPS? is not just reduction of external components, but also

  • configurable via I2C
  • Adjust GPIO functionality
  • Adjust current limits and other protection features during system development
  • Multi Time Programmable
  • Customer developed startup and shutdown configurations

Highlighting the latest ActiveCiPS? PMICs





Highlighting latest Power Loss Protection Devices