Active-Semi Solutions for Sustainability
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AC/offline supplied white goods, compressor and pumps are applications that traditionally require many different components to implement on the controller PCB. A typical system would need an external DC/DC Flyback or Buck, 600V gate drivers, Signal conditioning such as differential amplifiers and comparators and an accurate external time-base, such as a crystal. The PAC family integrates all of these components into a single IC as small as 8x8mm. With the PAC family’s Multi-mode Power Manager (MMPMTM), the system may be implemented either with a Flyback or Buck topology with the control integrated. With the PAC family’s Configurable Analog Front-End (CAFETM) and Application Specific Power Drivers (ASPDTM), all of the signal conditioning and gate driver functions are integrated as well, including programmable gain amplifiers for advanced algorithms, OC/UV/OV driver shut-down and other protection features. Active-Semi also makes available an advanced FOC application that is a feature-rich implementation that addresses many of the control algorithms required for these systems.