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五分快三计划The ActivePMU? family is an ideal fit for the automobile black box, also known as automobile event data recorder (EDR) or digital video recorder (DVR), that has expanded to a broad consumer base and wide deployment in commercial transportation. Government entities around the globe, including the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are releasing new standards for EDR equipment to achieve local safety and insurance objectives. Federal standards and innovation are driving integration of sophisticated features, such as HD video recording, increasing the demands for efficient power solutions for ultra-slim and battery-backed designs.

五分快三计划Consider an example automobile EDR/DVR system as illustrated below, powered by our highly integrated ActivePMU? power management solution. In addition to meeting a wide set of EDR/DVR power requirements and supporting a wide range of application processors, the ActivePMU? platform offers a low BOM solution to optimize size and cost. Active-Semi’s power management units are extremely flexible, enabling a minimal design cycle, and simplifying the design-in process.

  • Highly Integrated ActivePMU? Solutions
  • Single/Dual/Quad-Core Performance
  • Wide Application Processor Support
  • Integrated ActivePath? Battery Charging
  • DC/DC with 40V Surge Protection
  • Highly Efficient Synchronous Buck

Simplified System Diagram

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