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五分快三计划ActivePMU? is designed for entertainment and computing systems equipped with ARM?-based application processors. Our ActivePMU? coding matrix allows fast time-to-market for new designs utilizing the latest features of the latest AP that is most suitable for the platform. Single, dual, and quad-core power management units from Active-Semi enable a wide range of portable consumer electronics ranging from a feature-rich watch to a tablet PC.

An example tablet PC powered by ACT8847 is illustrated below. Featuring 4 high-performance DC/DC buck converters and 9 LDOs, the ACT8847 offers a rich power solution for the tablet PC. The ActivePath? battery charger may be integrated with the ActivePMU?, or implemented as a discrete device as shown.

五分快三计划The high-efficiency and low BOM architecture of ActivePMU? offers state-of-the-art ultra-slim and light-weight designs for the consumer. Active-Semi’s power management units are extremely flexible, enabling a minimal design cycle, and simplifying the design-in process.

  • ActivePMU? for Watches, Smartphones, Tablets, and other ARM?-based electronics
  • Single/Dual/Quad-Core Performance
  • Wide Application Processor Support
  • Integrated ActivePath? Battery Charging
  • High Efficiency for Ultra-Slim Designs
  • Coding Matrix Supports Fast Time to Market with Unique Solutions

Simplified System Diagram

ActivePMU? Application Simplified System Diagram

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