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Power Bank

Power Banks provide additional means to charge mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops. Key considerations of a power bank solution include:

  • Compact size of the power bank design and PCB: Smaller PCB leaves more room to use a larger battery, hence more energy rating of the power bank product. Smaller design leads to lower costs
  • Smaller system BOM: Helps improve reliability, as well as on the cost of the overall design.
  • Integrated Safety features such as over-temperature, over-voltage protection
  • Scalable solution for different battery charging needs

Active-Semi’s ACT28XX ICs offer the most compact system design for Power Banks. Power Bank systems can be implemented using a single Power Bank IC without the need for additional ICs such as an MCU or a protection IC. As such, ACT28xx based power bank solutions provide the smallest BOM, smallest PCB solutions available today.

五分快三计划ACT28xx Family integrates all the functions that a backup battery pack needs, including switching charger, boost converter and LED indication. ACT28xx also includes an input to obtain user feedback (for example, via a push button), to support various user-interface functions such as turn on/off charging and query charging status. The IC supports LED indication to display charging level on 4 LEDs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated Single Chip Solution for Mobile Power with Minimal Component Count
  • High Charge & Discharge Efficiency
  • <10 μA Low Battery Leakage Current in Hi-Z Mode during Storage
  • Programmable Input Current Limit
  • Programmable Constant Output Current
  • No Load Shutdown and Push Button Turn-on
  • Sophisticated Battery Protection for Over Current (OCP), Over Voltage (OVP), Over Temperature (OTP) and Short Circuit Protections (SCP). Battery Disconnection at Output Short, and Cell Balancing

Below is the comparison of Active-Semi’s ACT2801 EVK for Power Bank application (on the left) versus a PCB found in an off-the-shelf commercial product. The smaller PCB size and smaller component size enables smaller PCB design and associated costs. On the other hand, the smaller PCB can also enable the use of larger battery pack to store more energy within the power bank product.

Products Supporting Single Cell Power Bank Application

Products Supporting Dual Cell Power Bank Application

  • ACT2803 – 2.4A Single Port with cell balancing
  • ACT2823 – 3.3A Single Port without cell balancing
  • ACT2804 – 3.4A Dual Port with cell balancing