Active-Semi Solutions for Sustainability
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Product Features

  • Three Fixed Frequency Buck Converter
  • Two LDOs
  • Inrush Current Control
  • Integrated Load Bypass Switch
  • Input Overvoltage Protection
  • I2CTM Serial Interface
  • Minimal External Component
  • Lowest Standby Power

The ACT88320 is an integrated ActivePMU power management unit. It is highly flexible and can be reconfigured via I2C for multiple applications without the need for PCB changes. The low external component count and high configurability significantly speeds time to market. Examples of configurable options include output voltage, startup time, slew rate, system level sequencing, switching frequency, sleep modes, operating modes etc. The core of the device includes 3 DC/DC step down converters using integrated power FETs, and 2 low-dropout regulators (LDOs). Each regulator can be configured for a wide range of output voltages through the I2五分快三计划C interface.


Advantages of our Modular Power PMU

Features Benefits
Space Saving With fully integrated power stages with high switching frequency
to reduce external component size
Integrated sequencing Easy system level design with programmable Reset and Power
Good functions allows for flexible sequencing options
Seamless sequencing With external supplies via integrated GPIOs and Power Good signals
Highly configurable Via a I2C uP interface for status reporting and controlling

ACT88320EVK1-101 Evaluation Tool User Guide??

The Evaluation Tool User Guide describes the characteristic and operation of the Active Semi ACT88320EVK1-101 evaluation kit (EVK).
It provides setup and operation instructions, schematic, layout, BOM, and test data.

To communicate with the EVK a USB Dongle and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided. Download the GUI and all documentation and drivers here or in the Software TAB.

五分快三计划This EVK demonstrates the ACT88320QI101 ActivePMU power management IC.

ACT88320EVK1-101 GUI?

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is packaged in a ZIP file that includes the software and all necessary drivers to communicate with the ACT88320EVK1 Evaluation Tool, as well as all descriptions how to use the tool.

ACT88320 GUI Rev x.x.exe
ACT88320 GUI User Guide Rev x.x.pdf
Active Semi GUI and Dongle Driver Installation.pdf