Active-Semi Solutions for Sustainability
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五分快三计划Active-Semi?is providing a Family of eFuse products with active power loss protection and autonomous storage capacitor health monitoring. During a write cycles in SSDs it is important to detect an eminent power loss and actively signal this to the controller and allow a completion of data storage to not lose vital information. To ensure that the provided storage capacitors are capable of providing this function the ACT49xx products periodically conduct capacitor health screening.

Parameter Operating Input Range eFuse Abs Max Voltage eFuse FET Rds(on) Storage Cap Voltage Maximum Input Current Buck FET RDS(on) (HS & LS) Autonomous Health Monitoring Package
ACT4910 2.7V ~ 18V 24V 17m? 5V ~ 36V 10A 45 m? & 28 m? Yes 5X5 mm QFN28
ACT4911 2.7V ~ 8V 10V 17m? 5V ~ 36V 10A 45 m? & 28 m? Yes 5X5 mm QFN28
ACT4921 2.7V ~ 8V 10V 20m? 5V ~ 36V 6A 46 m? & 32 m? Yes 4x4 mm QFN32