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Product Features

  • Wide 2.7-to-8V Operating Input Range
  • 10V Max Input Blocking Voltage
  • Adjustable Bus Voltage Start-Up Slew Rate for Inrush
    Current Control
  • Configurable Input power Failure Level
  • Programmable up to 10A Input Current Limit
  • Programmable 5V to 36V Boost Storage Voltage
  • 36V@6A Synchronous Buck Supports 100% Duty
  • Programmable up to 1.13MHz Buck Operating Frequency
    for Small Inductor Size
  • Undetectable Transition from Input Supply to Capacitor
    Bank Power
  • Compatible with Different Types of Storage Caps:
    Super Caps, Electrolytic, Tantalum, POSCAP
  • ADC Monitoring of Critical Signals
  • Autonomous Health Monitoring for Detection of Earlier Storage Capacitor Failures
  • Configurable Interrupts to Inform Host for any\
  • Faults/Status Change
  • eFuse, Boost, and Buck UV/OV/OC Protection
  • Thermal Alert and Protection
  • Thermal Enhanced FCQFN 5×5-28 package

五分快三计划The ACT4911 device is a highly integrated power loss?protection IC. It provides backup storage power in the event of an input power failure. A built-in boost?converter provides high voltage energy storage to?minimize storage capacitor size equirements. The built-in buck converter regulates the storage voltage to a fixed output voltage. It contains internal, back-toback eFuse FETs to provide bi-directional input to output isolation. The IC also provides hot swap and inrush current control. The ACT4911 is very flexible and can easily be configured with I2C and external components. It features programmable storage capacitor voltage to optimize the storage capacitor sizing and system run time. The internal ADC and health monitoring provide an extra layer of protection and improve system reliability and early capacitor failure notification. It automatically checks the storage capacitor health and?notifies the user when the energy in the storage caps is not sufficient for backup power. The ADC also?measures the input voltage, output voltage, storage voltage, eFuse current, and die temperature. The builtin synchronous buck converter maximizes energy transfer from the storage caps to the system. ACT4911 provides an I2C bus interface to allow MCU control and monitoring. There are supervisor monitors for the input voltage, output voltage, and storage voltage. It is available with the thermal enhanced QFN5x5 28 pins package.

Orderable Partnumbers

PART NUMBER Input Voltage Storage Voltage Fsw PACKAGE
ACT4911QW301-T 3.3V 28V 900kHz FCQFN5x5-28

Advantages of our Power Loss Protection

20m? eFuse Rds(on) at any input voltage Special gate driver circuit design make it suitable for both high voltage and low voltage applications.
High frequency, high efficiency synchronous Buck High backup converter efficiency and current capability, small inductor size.
Autonomous storage cap health monitoring Monitor cap capacitance & ESR and inform host when it’s abnormal, with programmable checking time & threshold.
Blocking FET for short circuit protection Protects system from failure if a storage cap is shorted out


  • Solid State Drive
  • Industrial Applications
  • Backup Power
  • Hot Plug Devices

ACT4911EVK1-301 Evaluation Tool User’s Guide

五分快三计划This document describes the characteristic and operation of the Active Semi ACT4911EVK1QW301 evaluation kit (EVK). It provides setup and operation instructions, schematic, layout, BOM, and test data. This EVK demonstrates the ACT4911QW301 eFuse power management IC.

Other ACT4911QWxxx options can be evaluated on this EVK by replacing the IC and any other necessary components.

ACT4911EVK1-301 GUI

The Active Semi ACT4911 GUI is a graphical interface that gives the user access to the ACT4911 internal registers. It is specifically designed for use with the ACT4911 EVK. The GUI allows the user to both read and modify the registers to configure the EVK specifically for the desired operating conditions. Note that GUI communication with the ACT4911 EVK requires the Active Semi USB-TO-I2C dongle.